SMT Re-worker

Dependant on experience

Working in the Production Department, you will be reworking and assembling complex PCB’s and you will need to be proficient in the following, as you will be asked to carry out a trade test as part of your interview:


  • Work from assembly drawings and build packs
  • Pre-form, insert and crop component leads using hand tools such as cutters, pliers etc.
  • Solder conventional components to IPC-A-610, class 2 and 3
  • Be able to hand solder fine pitch surface mount components, remove bridges, replace components etc.
  • Incorporate modifications such as wire links and track cuts
  • Undertake SMT wet board assembly
  • Knowledge of SMT component recognition and SMT number codes
  • Must have knowledge of BGA, QFP, TSOP and multi leg PLCC’s and chip components down to size 0402
  • Understand the general requirements for PCB assembly and static control
  • Operate various machinery used in the assembly process, eg flow solder machine, cleaning tank, drill etc.
  • Marking / labelling
  • Complete production documentation

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