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Continued Investment at Nemco: DT-250-PH

Continued investment at Nemco results in some incredibly useful equipment in order to maximise the top quality products that we like to produce. One of our recent investments is our DT-250-PH, Hot Solder Bar Machine.

This piece of equipment is part of the Desktop Pulsed Heat Uni-Slide series of semi-automated systems developed for Hot bar soldering. Whilst being smaller than its larger and more automated systems, it still packs the same punch and provides a high bonding quality.

The DT-250-PH (PH standing for Pulsed Heat), offers an ideal price/performance ratio. Loading and unloading the parts is an easy task, featuring a slide that enables the parts to be loaded directly in front of the operator. If the case arises that the parts need alignment, is can be done at the front conveniently with the use of extra space and added help of a camera that offers a view that isn’t blocked by the bonding head. The previously mentioned slide locks into place and is sensor detected, which will confirm the correct bonding position of the part upon activation of the 2-hand control the bonding process is completed automatically.

Kapton Interposer Module

With the solder Hot bar reflow applications, the Hot bar (thermode) is in direct contact with the flux and/or solder material, which leads to the issue of pollution of the Hot bar. The Kapton Interposer Module presents as a solution to this, with two reels (spools), one of which holds the full reel of kapton and the other winds the used kapton. This module can be installed on each desktop system.

Alignment Module

The Optical Alignment Module is recommended if your parts require accurate alignment. The optical system magnified and displays the track on the TFT screen with the aid of a CCD camera with a special lens, special illumination and 7” TFT screen and power supplies.

Product Jig Module

Optimum process quality is provided with the use of high quality AMADA MIYACHI EUROPE product jigs. These are vital as the bonding quality is influenced by co-planarity of the jigs, fine-alignment of the parts and materials used for the supporting blocks. Many years of experience of making jigs for a broad range of applications and processes makes Miyachi stand out from the rest.

Flux Dispensing Module

Just as it offers high quality product jigs, AMADA MITACHI EUROPE offers a just as praise-worthy customized Flux Dispensing Module. This product enables flux to be applied for Reflow solder products, and included a linear or X-Y movement to position the dispense valve over the bonding pads.

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