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Continued Investment At Nemco: Our 6th SMT Line

Continued Investment At Nemco: Our 6th SMT Line

So far, Nemco have been making large investments in order to make sure our customers receive the best results possible for their product builds. In particular, we are proud to introduce a new 6th line to our SMT department. The brand new line is made up of a top of the range Dek Horizon, which acts as an automated screen printer.

Accompanying this are two brand new pick and place machines, the Samsung SM482. These machines accommodate a large PCB size of 460mmx400mm. At optimum speed, this machine is able to achieve 28000 CPH (components placed per hour). It is also able to place a wide range of component sizes, the smallest of which being 01005. Nemco has invested in two of these machines, allowing great results to be achieved quickly, placing an incredibly 56000 components per hour if both machine are in use.

At the last stop of our new SMT line, our Folungwin FL-VP1260 reflow oven. While the ovens on our other SMT lines have 8 zones, this new addition boasts a productive 12 zones with top and bottom independent heating, allowing for more control over our reflow profiles and better results to be achieved. Each zone can be set at different temperatures, which create a better quality solder finish to the finished product and also reduces the amount of energy by 1/3 compared to similar systems. While most of our machines rely on air, 2 of our reflow ovens (including the 12 zone) is nitrogen capable with an oxygen analyser to minimise nitrogen consumption, when combined with our water cooling system, create a better solder finish to the end product.

This new line has proven to be extremely beneficial to the way Nemco operates. We will continue to invest in both equipment, capability and personnel to ensure that we stay at the forefront of Contract Manufacturing.

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