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Nemco Supports National Apprentice Week: Meet Aaron

New generations grow up around different thought concepts and mass breakthroughs in technology. The electronics industry is somewhat different nowadays to what it was ten years ago. Training the next generation of engineers to exceed their potential is vital. Nemco happily takes on a wide range of apprentices in different fields within the electronic manufacturing industry.

One of our own apprentices Aaron was very generous to give us some time to talk about how he thinks apprenticeships are a must-have opportunity for the younger generation.

What appealed to you most about electrical manufacturing?

The first experience of electrical manufacturing I had was during my GCSE course. It seemed challenging which appealed to me because it required logical thinking. I am also keen to get into manufacturing because I enjoy hands on work and have taken a specific liking to hand soldering.

Nemco believes in the next generation of skilled manufacturers, how do you feel you’ll make an impact on that generation?

I think I would make an impact because I will have experience and understanding of a work place environment. Also, by being hard working and having higher qualifications in the field.

What do you hope to achieve while studying your apprenticeship with Nemco?

I hope to gain understanding and experience in all departments of the company. I also hope to gain a lot of experience in the work place environment. From an education point of view, I plan to gain a level 3 qualification in engineering and hope to progress onto a HNC (higher national certificate) in electrical engineering.

What do you enjoy most about your job so far with us?

So far at Nemco I have enjoyed the variety in day to day tasks and always doing lots of different tasks, meaning I’m often very busy all day. I also like my work colleagues as they are all very friendly and easy to get along with, making for a calm and enjoyable work environment.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time with the help of Nemco?

In 5 years’ time, I see myself fully qualified in electronic engineering and looking at promotion.

What appeals to you most about the apprenticeship role?

As an apprentice, I gain the qualifications while experiencing the working environment. Also, I like the variety in work, so I get to experience all aspects of what the company does and I am not tied down to one, repetitive job. I earn while learning, which is a perk I would not get if I was in full time education.

And lastly, how much would you recommend an apprenticeship to people your age?

If they are willing to work hard and are not keen to remain in full time education I would highly recommend an apprenticeship scheme. However, if they are not totally sure what occupation they want to go into then an apprenticeship is not right for them, because it is specialised and targeted towards one occupation.

Our apprenticeships are offered by North Herts College that offer a wide range of apprenticeships in different sectors. If you’re interested in starting an apprenticeship in electronic manufacturing, don’t hesitate to contact Nemco on 01438 346600 or emails us at info@nemco.co.uk

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