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End Of Life And Security Of Supply Component Monitoring

Electronic advance notification of impending component obsolescence is maintained with all of our suppliers. As any of these notices are received the customer is informed immediately and replacements/alternatives are offered in conjunction with the Production Engineering Team. If supply of the original part must be maintained then negotiations will take place with the customer to decide on future use of the end of life items and the required quantities will be ordered and stocked at Nemco ready for future use.

The spectre of counterfeit product continues to be prevalent in the electronics industry but by only using approved suppliers and maintaining goods inwards inspection the company has been unaffected. Where obsolete parts are required to be purchased only those suppliers that offer in-house testing and certification are used to ensure security of the supply chain. Whenever parts have to be procured from a non-franchised source ta flag against the part number ensures that the items are automatically routed via the Incoming Inspection Department.

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