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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our Epicor 9 ERP system covers all aspects of managing the business from employee time booking through to job profitability analysis. It has an install base of 20K users worldwide and it is a fully scalable platform that is ideal for our future growth plans.

We can operate with full procurement, customer free-issue and any combination of these. Where specific manufacturers are required, or even specific distributors, this can be accommodated and the system can selectively provide full component traceability. This avoids applying the overhead cost where it is not needed.

A key component of our ERP system is the Materials Requirements Planning Module (MRP) that is run daily to ensure no time lag from receipt of customer order to procurement of the parts required. It is customised to add a manufacturing attrition allowance to all purchases and incorporates minimum stock levels, batch quantities and lead times so that a smooth material flow is maintained.

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