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Employee Induction & Training

Employee induction and training

Employee Induction

Anyone who joins the company will have an induction training course on their first day. All new starters, which include temporary, casual, work experience etc will be required to attend an induction course.

The induction covers subject that you will need to know from day one. We will also issue overalls, swipe cards, heel grounders, and tool boxes, everything you need to get you started. We will show you a video on ESD, for those that need a refresher and for those that have never had formal training on this subject. After a short test, you will be issued with a certificate, passed on your first morning!

We will also run through company procedures, practices and conditions of employment so if there is something that you can’t remember or don’t know, we will ensure that you get the opportunity to ask, if we haven’t already covered it.

Our aim is to give you as much information as you need to get you integrated into the team as soon as possible.


As part of our selection process we will conduct trade tests for skilled operators and technicians. For certain positions we will also undertake personality analyses. This is all part of our desire to recruit high calibre staff to provide the best possible service to our customers.

In addition, we employ a dedicated IPC-A-610 instructor, who has many years experience in the electronics industry. We have the resources in house to improve individual ability as well as training for new equipment and procedures.

We also provide mandatory training, in house courses, and where required we are happy to provide external training, if it is likely to improve an individual’s skills.

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