“Nemco are a much valued supplier that provides a very good service of complex products”

Plant List


  • SMT – 6 High Speed Manufacturing Lines consisting of 2 x Samsung SM320, 4 x Samsung SM482, 2 x Samsung CP45FV Placement Machines, 3 x CP45FV NEO, 1 x Samsung SM451 odd form placement machine, all with µBGA capability.
  • Paste and Glue Dispensing – 6 x Dek Horizon 03iX and 1 x SMTech AVX400 Automated.
  • Reflow - 4 x Folungwin FL-VP860 (10 Zone) Reflow Ovens, 1 x Folungwin FL-VP860N (10 Zone) Reflow Oven (with Nitrogen capability) & 1 x Folungwin FLN-VP1260N (12 Zone) Reflow Oven (with Nitrogen capability)
  • Ionic Contamination Testing - Gen3 CM22 Contaminometer
  • Flow Soldering is provided by Blundell CMS400D Dual Wave Models and CMS400LF (Lead Free).
  • PCB Cleaning by a Kerry Microsolve 450/2 CO-Solvent Fully Automated System.
  • Blundell SC800 Stencil Cleaner.
  • Pillarhouse ‘Ruby2’ allows Flow Soldering of Selected PCB Areas.
  • Pillarhouse ‘JadeMk11’ Selective Solder Machine
  • Blundell Cropmatics x 2.
  • Moisture Control - Boss Vacuum Packing and Sealing Machine.
  • 3 off Contax CS-400C Cut and Clinch Machines.
  • Berg Pinning Machine.
  • Contaminometer
  • MY500 Jet Printer



Additional Services

  • ISO 7 (Class 10,000) Clean Room measuring 6x6 meters
  • PVA2000 Fully Automated Conformal Coating System
  • Certonal Coating
  • ERSA IR550A – BGA, CSP & Fine Pitch Rework Station
  • Universal IC Programmer and Test Systems
  • External Database from IHS Markit

June 2018

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