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Nemco Makes A New Investment Into The Miele PG 8593 Wash System

Here at Nemco we are always looking for new investments into equipment to ensure that our products are kept to the highest standards they can be, which is why we have recently purchased the Miele PG 8593 Wash System.

With its versatility, program flexibility and outstanding quality Miele Professional have adapted the PG 8593 commercial grade Lab Washer to carry out the task of washing water soluble flux residues from PCBA’s in a production environment. 

The Miele PG8593 is a spray in air wash system which uses a combination of hot and cold softened town water and demineralised water for the final rinse stages. Together with Miele approved ProTech 9 cleaning agent this system successfully achieves excellent cleanliness results.

The Cleaning agent is dispensed using a program controlled high accuracy dispensing pump where as little as 1ml of agent can be accurately dispensed during the cleaning cycle.

The PG8593 uses the DryPlus hot air-drying system, in combination with a Hepa filter. Moisture laden air is extracted from the wash chamber during the drying cycle to leave the load dry and free of any air borne contamination.

The wash chamber is constructed from laser welded stainless steel which gives a perfectly smooth crevice free high capacity wash chamber enabling any contaminate to be freely flushed from the chamber prior to the final rinse stages.

The intuitive user interface makes for incredibly simple use of the wash system in day-to-day running of the system. The intuitive control system holds up to 16 wash programmes all of which can be adjusted to suit any wash requirement encountered when processing water soluble fluxes.

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