Aerospace & Defence contract electronics

Nemco’s full-service Contract Electronics for aerospace and defence

Nemco already provide a specialist manufacturing service for many leading OEMs and suppliers in the aerospace and defence sector.

Our flexible outsourcing service can provide a singular discipline through to a full-service offer, this can include design for manufacture, µBGA capable high speed SMT and manual PCBA manufacture through to inspection, testing, conformal coating, wire looms and assembly. Our PCB expertise and capabilities have made us the ideal partner for critical electronics and instrumentation, whether it’s prototyping or volume manufacturing.

World-leading service and expertise

Throughout the production journey, our dedicated customer service team will ensure your expectations are managed through quality and traceable processes, with complete visibility through our Quality management system (QMS). We provide technical advice right from the start to ensure the correct materials and production techniques are used. Reassured quality and security through our EN 9100:2018 (AS9100), Rev D (ISO9001:2015), ISO14001:2015, ADS membership and Cyber Essential Plus.

PCBA inspection

PCB and assembly for military

PCB electronics for military
Nemco’s facilities and expertise lend themselves for use in military applications. For example, we offer secure build facilities which prevent unauthorised access and ensure security of both the product and any sensitive information regarding it. Our state-of-the-art facilities
are relied upon to deliver for the military sector, and Nemco is a trusted supplier of secure products.

PCB and assembly for communications

PCB electronics for communications
Communications equipment needs to be durable and capable in every environment. Our rigorous testing capabilities ensure that all communications products are tested beyond the limits to guarantee specified performance. Nemco also holds a Cyber Essential Plus
accreditation, certifying that the company has a robust cybersecurity setup to protect against digital infiltration.

PCB and assembly for aerospace

PCB electronics for aerospace
We understand that aerospace grade components must be suitable for use in extreme environments, which is why we have an ISO 7 cleanroom – a highly-controlled environment free of dust and other particles which we use to manufacture sensitive components. In addition to this, our advanced testing facility can test for RF, ionic contaminants, and much more. We also
offer Conformal/Certonal Coating, which ensures the durability of products in extreme environments, such as aerospace.

Testing taken to the next level

We take pride in everything we do, maintaining specifications through regular inspection and testing. Nemco offers highly advanced inspection and testing facilities on site, couple with our dedicated team, who are all cross-product trained and have a huge wealth of experience within the field of electronics test. Advanced in-house testing capabilities including RF, ionic contamination, and environmental stress screening ensure durability and performance of aerospace and defense electronics.

Conformal coating for aerospace and defence

Continuous improvement in our class-leading quality

Nemco continuously invest in the latest technologies and training to maintain our class-leading status and ensure we deliver to the highest standards first time, every time. As aerospace and defence require durable and reliable electronics for critical applications, Nemco maintain a dedicated cleanroom for assembly and testing as well as electrically-insulative coating facilities.
To achieve consistent quality of manufacture, we have on site our own vastly experienced IPC certified instructors who conducts training and competence assessments for our manufacturing staff to IPC-A-610, IPC-A-620 and where required IPC-A-600. This ensures quality is inherent throughout the business.

Critical application capabilities


Our Cleanroom measures 6Mx6M and operates under the BS EN ISO 14644-1:2015 cleanroom standard, it has a classification of ISO 7 which means that the air drawn into the room using HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration, provides a controlled environment for airborne particles and changes between 60 and 90 times per hour.

The cleanroom provides a production environment with controlled airborne contamination which is essential for a wide variety of electronic, optics and other critical manufacturing assemblies to ensure that sensitive products are not harmed during the manufacturing process.

Conformal coating

Conformal coatings are widely used in the electronics industry for environmental protection of PCBs from humidity, corrosive gases and solvents, dust, sand, and other contaminants.
At Nemco we have two purpose built, ventilated Conformal Coating rooms, one used for the application of Silicon material and the other for Acrylics. Each of these rooms contain their own spraying equipment machinery, tooling, and material storage.

Cleanroom facilities for aerospace and defence

Trusted by so many for PCBA

With a dedication to understanding our customers’ unique needs, Nemco delivers exceptional service, quality, and on-time delivery.
We aim to continually exceed expectations and serve as a valued outsourcing partner. That is how we have built up such a loyal customer base who trust Nemco to deliver for them.
For 40 years, companies have relied on Nemco’s experience in aerospace and defence Contract Electronics Manufacturing. Learn more about our capabilities and industry certifications. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs.

Prototyping service

Nemco provides full-service prototyping to help you evaluate design concepts, validate functionality, and accelerate time-to-market. Our experienced engineers can offer early involvement in your project to help us fully understand your requirements and design a product that exceeds expectations. We provide feedback on proposed designs and manufacturing processes to ensure the best possible solution is found.
Our prototyping capabilities span basic hand assembly to advanced BGA and odd-form component placement using the latest machine assembly. Test options are reviewed early on to implement efficient production testing.

Transform your supply chain with Nemco

Nemco are the ideal partner supplier and OEMs in Aerospace and Defence. If you are looking for a full-service PCB manufacturer you can rely on, talk to our team today and find out how Nemco could transform your supply chain. You can also follow us on LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Delivering highly reliable products to customers across the globe.


PCB layout design


We provide a full product development service, working closely with clients at all stages from initial concepts through to full volume manufacturing.

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PCB assembly


The leading UK Contract Electronics Manufacturer providing a complete product manufacturing, logistics and repair service to our customers.

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Box build


Technically advanced and complex products are manufactured, tested and configured then packaged and shipped Worldwide from our UK facility.

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Supply chain


Our Success has resulted from a number of factors, in particular, our flexibility, technical skills and reliability in meeting our customer’s needs.

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Operations Director

Frank Walsh

Frank joined Nemco as Operations Director in December 2023. An experienced individual, Frank has worked in the world of operations and manufacturing for many years and has amassed an impressive history of experience and achievements, some of which include vast experience in OEM, low/high volume manufacturing, Kaizen facilitator, 5S, lean, 20 keys, & SMED.

Frank began his career as an Electronics Technician at Xerox, before working through different roles in the field of operations. In 2013, he joined the Royal Mail team as the Plant Manager as the biggest processing plant in the UK. This is just one of his many roles as a leader in operations and manufacturing, and for his achievements he was rewarded in 2010 as the winner of Best Factory Award – Supply Chain at Cranfield University.

Frank was also President of Association Manufacturing Excellence, an organisation that encourages thinking, discussion and improvement methods in the field of manufacturing.

Supply Chain Director

Sharon Fortune

Sharon joined Nemco in 2022 as Supply Chain Manager. She has 20+ years’ experience of managing Purchasing and Supply chain functions in a variety of different Companies and disciplines. Mainly working in manufacturing, Sharon started her career within the electronics industry working for several Service companies covering Canon and Apple products, before moving to Soundcraft Limited (a Harman company) for 10+ years, managing the Purchasing, Planning and Warehouse functions.

Immediately before joining Nemco, she spent 6 years working at Peli Biothermal Limited, a global temperature-controlled packing manufacturer, setting up the Purchasing, Planning and Logistic functions within the growing business.

HR Lead

Amanda Brice

Amanda joined Nemco in January 2023, bringing with her 25 years’ experience of working in HR in various industries, mainly in the medical/healthcare manufacturing arena and to Director level. Amanda’s objective is to lead the HR function, focusing on a great Employee experience, which means lots of exciting challenges and looking at new ways of working. Amanda works alongside two dedicated HR Officers in the team who share this vision, along with the people focused Senior Directors and Managers. Outside of work, Amanda loves being a parent and family life, alongside being with friends, travelling and swimming/snorkelling and dancing.


Dimitrios Moskofidis

Dimitrios joined Nemco in October 2014 as Quotes Manager in the newly formed Quotes and costings team.
In 2019 he was appointed Planning Manager and in 2022 he took over the Manufacturing Manager responsibilities.
Dimitrios brought with him 14 years of experience and knowledge in electronics manufacturing from Greece.
He has worked before in various contract manufacturing roles, starting from Production and evolving to Planning and Operations.
He has a Degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master in Business Administration.
Dimitrios will use his positive mindset and a can-do attitude across the whole ShopFloor in order to uphold the Vision and realize the Mission.


Derek Loveday

Derek joined Nemco in 1999 as a Design Engineer. Starting his career with Marconi Space & Defence Systems, he has worked for various System House and Design companies and has over 30 years’ experience in electronic hardware & software design.

Derek is responsible for the administration and development of the company’s IT and ERP systems. He also provides technical support for manufacturing and project management of electronic design.


Archie Hayford

Archie joined Nemco in 2016 as Financial Accountant to strengthen the team and took on the role of Company Accountant in May 2019.Archie has 16 years’ experience in Finance gained in both the Retail and Manufacturing Industry. Archie is a member of Chartered Institute of Management Account and is responsible for the overall accounts activity, working with suppliers, customers and internal contacts. He spends his free time with his family, enjoys running, swimming and a keen follower of sports.


Steve Trice

Steve joined Nemco in 2005 as a Production Engineer. He has over 30 years’ experience working in the Electronics Manufacturing and Quality environment, beginning his career with a formal Apprenticeship at British Aerospace.

Having spent the 11 or so years prior to Nemco working within Automotive Quality, Steve is more than qualified for his current position of Production Engineering Manager.

Steve and the Engineers within his department are directly involved with the customers of Nemco at all stages of manufacturing to ensure as smooth a route as possible for their products through the production cycle


David Duric

David joined Nemco in 2015 strengthening the Senior Management team as Sales and Marketing Director. David brings with him an international wealth of sales, customer service and marketing expertise. Prior to joining Nemco, David has worked predominantly in the sales and electronic engineering sectors, employed long-term in prestigious Global companies such as Technicolor and Thomson SA. Degree qualified in business management and electrical engineering, positions have included managerial statuses such as Head of Supply Chain, Managing Director and Customer Services Director. David will use his expertise to increase our service offerings and also to increase our customer base taking us to the next level of business growth.

Dave Pearce

Dave is the owner and founder of Nemco. During his early career Dave was actively involved in Electronics Design and Development encompassing system design and project management. Prior to setting up Nemco Dave was Managing Director of a Systems house engaged in contract product design, plus the supply of turnkey ATE and production monitoring systems.

Dave is actively involved with both the Executive and Technical Management and customer facing contract evaluation and costing aspects of the business. On the outside Dave is a Classic Car enthusiast, driving, racing and maintaining his own vehicles.