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Environmental Policy Statement

Nemco is a leading Contract Electronics Manufacturer situated in the Industrial area of Pin Green, Stevenage. Nemco provides the design, manufacture and testing of high reliability electronic assemblies, to own and customers’ requirements, for a range of successful and well-established companies.

At Nemco, we recognise environmental issues are fundamental to the future health and well-being of those working in our company, the greater community and our planet. As such, we seek to understand the impacts of our activities on the environment at local, regional and global levels, to minimise these impacts and to find sustainable solutions. We accept our responsibility for demonstrating leadership in environmental protection and enhancement through our actions.

In support of these principles, Nemco is committed to:

  • Reducing and preventing pollution from our activities through the development of effective resource and waste management strategies.
  • Continuously improving our environmental results by implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.
  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and subscribed environmental requirements.
  • Setting environmental objectives and targets and continually monitoring and managing our significant environmental aspects.
  • Promoting and encouraging environmental best practices and responsibilities from our employees and sub-contractors.
  • Making this Policy available to the general public and to anyone seeking information on our EMS approach.

D. N. Pearce

Managing Director

Environmental Policy PDF

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